Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Notes of Meeting held on Monday 4 July 2016  
in the Youth Club

Present:    Valerie Grove, Tracy Hoad, Sonia Plato, Diane Stainsby, Martin White, Ann Wilson, Willy
                       Wilson, Pat Buckle

In Attendance:  Bruce Cripps (Item 2.5)

Ann Wilson opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending

Apologies:        Gareth Bright,  Chris Davidson,  Ros Day,  David Howley
1.         Minutes of Previous Meetings
1.1       Steering Group held on 6 June 2016 – Minutes approved.
1.1.1    Matters  Arising - None
1.2       Neighbourhood Plan (NP) Group Meeting held on 11 June 2016 – Minutes received.
1.2.1    Matters  Arising – None

2.         Task Groups Reports

2.1       Finance
The Terms of Reference for the Task Group were presented by Tracy Hoad and agreed.  They would now be presented to Parish Council for approval. Sonia Plato reported that the grant application for £3,381 had been successful. There was a small difference of £30 in the amount applied for (£3,411) due to an error in the total. Once this had been formally accepted by the NP Group, confirmation will be sent to Groundworks UK who will then send a formal letter informing us that the project can start.  It is expected that this will be 24 July 2016.  The meeting was reminded that no money can be spent against the grant until after the letter has been received.  The grant must be used within six months and any unspent money at that time must be returned to Groundworks UK.  A report on how the grant money was spent must be submitted to Groundworks UK before the next instalment of the grant can be applied for in January 17.  It was agreed that this should be done by end of December 2016 to ensure that the next instalment is paid by February 2017 to ensure there is no gap in funding for the project.  Ann Wilson reported that there was £208.15 in the petty cash and some small amounts already spent will be taken out of this. 

2.2       Communication#
In the absence of Ros Day, Valerie Grove reported that in an attempt to include younger people in the neighbourhood planning process, Ros Day had contacted Battle Abbey School with a view to giving a talk to Crowhurst children attending the school.  As there were few children from Crowhurst who go to Battle Abbey the school agreed to hand out a questionnaire but did not think it was worth arranging a talk.  Claverham College showed no interest and there had been no response from Claremont.  The meeting agreed to talk to Claverham College again in the hope of a better response and Sonia Plato agreed to contact Sedlescombe NP Group who had been more successful in getting students views.  It has been agreed with Crowhurst Scouts and Cubs to arrange a talk in the Autumn.  Other groups who have not responded are being contacted again to encourage them to become involved.  Ros Day has compiled a list of local landowners and businesses and had emailed this to the group. The Land Use (Call for Sites) Task Group were also compiling a similar list and it was suggested that these lists be combined. The next Survey Task Group meeting to be arranged would discuss how to contact the listed landowners and businesses. The RSPB who manage the Forewood site have agreed to produce a report on future plans. 

A file of information on the neighbourhood planning process, including notes of meetings held so far, had been prepared by Ros Day and was presented to the meeting by Valerie Grove.  The meeting thanked Ros for all her work in putting the file together and it was agreed that it would be placed in The Plough for residents to read, particularly those without a computer.

Valerie Grove had researched banners for display around the village and confirmed that they can be displayed temporarily on private land with the landowners consent.  Some suggestions put forward were the Station car park (for which no permission was required), Martin White offered his field next to the Church, land at the Church, the bottom of Ballards Hill.  The Banners would state, e.g. ‘Have You Filled in your Survey’, ‘Call for Sites’ reminder, and one would be used for the NP Group’s stall outside the marquee at the Village Fayre in August.

2.3       Street Champions
Diane Stainsby presented the badges purchased for the Street Champions (SC), stating that these would be given to them at a meeting in the Parish Room.  Information, including a copy of the Project Timetable, would be given to them to enable them to answer any questions/queries when they visit households.  The Project Timetable Summary would need to be updated with greater detail given for dates for completion of tasks. Ros would be asked if she would be able to do this. It was confirmed that 891 people were living in Crowhurst and 731 survey forms would be printed to include young people 15 years of age and upwards. It was agreed that contact details of the Street Champions should be included at the end of the survey form to enable householders who were not at home when the SC called to contact them if they needed to.  It was confirmed that SC’s would begin the survey on 25 July 2016 and the completed forms to be returned by 15 August 2016.

2.4       Land Use (Call for Sites)
Martin White reported on the Task Group meeting held on 27 June 2016 at which he had presented a display board.  It was agreed that larger, detailed Village maps were required to identify suggested sites and Ros Day was asked to contact Norman Kwan, Rother District Council, who would be able to supply these. The Group had identified a budget requirement and timescales but it was agreed that little more can be done until responses had been received from the survey and that landowners should not be contacted before the survey went out, to ensure transparency. The next meeting from the Task Group would take place on 29 July 2016.

2.5       Research/Heritage #Bruce Cripps reported on a possible Gunpowder heritage walk and had contacted Mr Wright whose family worked at Powdermills and has records from 1928 which he had agreed can be used with the caveat that he be acknowledged.  It was anticipated that the walk would be about 4 miles. David Howley and Bruce Cripps had researched Bexhill Library but had found no further information there. Ray White agreed to prepare an archaeology report on iron mines and he would give this to Ros Day who could pass it to the Research/Heritage Task Group.  A walk involving Pepperingeye was also being researched.

2.6       Survey  
Sonia Plato stated that the NP Group had agreed £570 for printing 731 copies of the 6 double-sided survey form .  However, Ann Wilson reported that some additions were needed to the form and it was possible it could contain 8 double-sided pages.  It was agreed that this would cost £760.  Pat Buckle agreed to contact Tony Riggs, Manager, Rother Print, to agree the above costs and a date for printing.  A meeting to finalise the survey had been arranged for 11 July 2016.

3.            Project Plan/Milestones
Sonia Plato reported that as a result of the grant application process, expenditure cannot begin until 24 July 2016. The dates on the Project Plan would therefore need to be revised slightly. It was agreed that the Land Use (Call for Sites) Task Group would contact landowners personally from 16 August 2016 once responses from the survey were received but businesses would be sent a survey form only.  Following the survey responses, the ‘Call for Sites’ form would go to both landowners and businesses.

4.         Display Boards
The meeting agreed that 3 display boards were required, plus one from Martin White and one from Diane Stainsby. It was reported that the Community Arts Fund also had some which they might be prepared to lend if asked. Following research by Sonia Plato and Keith Robertson 2 table top and one floor standing display boards  have now been purchased by the Parish Clerk from Parish Council funds, as agreed at the last Parish Council meeting and would be available for community use.

5.            Strawberry Tea
This event will be in place of the next NP Group meeting and will form an exhibition of information on display boards, strawberry teas, cakes, tea and coffee, and a raffle.  Posters had been designed and an advert placed in the Crowhurst News. Attendees would be encouraged to sit in small groups to discuss various aspects of putting together a neighbourhood plan, ask questions and forming ideas.

6.         Crowhurst Fayre
It was confirmed that at the Fayre on 13 August 2016 the NP Group would have a stall in front of the marquee complete with a banner and display boards containing information.
7.         Date of Next Meetings
Neighbourhood Plan Group – Strawberry Tea on Saturday 23 July 2016 at 2.00pm in Crowhurst Village Hall

Steering Group – Monday 1 August 2016 at 7.30pm Crowhurst Village Hall

The meeting closed at 10.05pm.

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