Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan - Steering Group Meeting - 6th April 2016
Steering Group:- Gareth Bright, Martin White, Ann Wilson, Chris Davidson, Ros Day, Tracy Hoad, Willie Wilson

Members of the public:-Brian Basham, Audrey Griffiths

Ros Day welcomed those attending, especially Brian Basham and Audrey Griffiths and pointed out that the meeting was open to all although only the steering grp members could vote.

1)    Terms of Reference for Steering Group and appointment of Chairperson

Ros read through the main points of the terms of reference for the Steering Group as agreed at the Neighbourhood Planning meeting 24th March 2016.

Ros Day was proposed to be chair person by Martin White and unanimously agreed by all.
It was decided that a time frame was not going to be suggested as it had been agreed in a past meeting that the role of Chairperson would be rotated from time to time.

2)    Notes of Neighbourhood Plan Meeting
The notes of the Neighbourhood Plan were discussed.  It was questioned as to whether the Street Champion Task Group should be part of the Communications Group as that is what it is doing. However, it was decided that it is large enough to stand alone and should remain a separate group.

Ann Wilson advised training was essential for Street Champions and that some people such as Willie Wilson and Wil Kemp had past experience so would probably be able to take more than ten houses which had previously been discussed.
Gareth Bright mentioned that some areas of Crowhurst would be easier to deal with than others.

Chris Davidson suggested that the street champions could have NP badges so residents would feel more comfortable with strangers calling. Branded (NP) high visibility jackets was another option although it was thought that many people would already have high vis jackets.

It was decided that this topic should be discussed further when people from the Street Champions Steering Group were available.

These questions were to be put on the next agenda.

3)    Membership of Steering Group

Ros pointed out the TOR for the Steering Group. It was agreed that one person from each group would attend the Steering Group meeting. This meeting would be once a month. It was hoped that the date of the meetings would be held before the Parish Council meetings so that feedback, if necessary, could go onto the Parish Council agenda.

Task Groups

4)    Finance Group

Tracy advised that the grant had been raised to £9,000.00. She stated that it was difficult at present to start looking at the grant as there were no estimates of costs. It was mentioned that there was £2,000.00 set aside by the Parish Council and there was already more than £100.00 collected in fundraising from teas, coffees and raffle prizes from the previous meetings held.
Chris Davidson suggested that the Task Groups should work out their expenses for the next 3 to 6months as this could help.
This could then be reported to the finance group who would take the requests to the Steering Group.

Ann Wilson mentioned that there would be extra money towards costs that would be raised by future fundraising events.

Some future costs such as the hire of the meeting halls and printing costs were discussed.

Ros advised that information/display boards were something that may need to be purchased.
Communications Group

It was reported that the Neighbourhood Plan website is in the early stages of development. Gareth Bright advised that at present the site being used is a free site but may have a cost in the future.

It was stated that an advert had been placed in the Crowhurst News asking if any young person would be interested in helping create and maintain the website. It was agreed that we would approach Claverham Community College should we have no response from the advert.

Ros read through some of the draft relevant Communications Engagement document. This document was proposed by Tracy Hoad and unanimously agreed by all.

A discussion was held about the NP flyer. It was decided that it needed to clearly explain what the NP is about and it would have the Parish boundary map printed on the back.

It was agreed that one of the first NP  leaflets we had printed had most of the required information. Ros agreed she would take a look at this over the next few days as it had been decided that the flyer was going to be delivered together with the Parish News letter which was ready to be delivered. The Parish News letter is delivered to every house within the village.

Sites and Site Survey Group
Chris Davidson advised that more people were required for this group. Martin White said that he hoped to be involved and it was mentioned that Graham Quinnell may be able to help with the site survey.

It was accepted that there needed to be a call to all landowners and identification of sites and to find out what the views of the village would be. The “Call for Sites” leaflet should go out soon and the criteria for surveying the sites can then be worked on.
There was debate over what end date, if any, should be put on the leaflet. Martin said that more sites became available later on during the Sedlescombe NP process. The Task Grp would think about this more.


It was clarified that the key aims for the group ( Proposal A) was decided at the meeting of the 24th March 2016. The Vision for the Neighbourhood Plan is:
Our Vision for Crowhurst is to maintain its rural character by protecting the countryside and environment around its boundaries, promoting community spirit and enhancing infrastructure, facilities and services for residents of all ages.
5)    Milestones

It was agreed that we should be following some mile stones and to have some time frames to work towards.

Martin White mentioned that we could use the Gantt Chart an Excel Document.
It was suggested that we would use Locality's mile stones.

Brian Basham thought that we should look for a designated project manager, (aim towards a young (post A-level) project manager to try and involve that section of residents ) to guide the group through the mile stones.
It was thought an advert could be placed in the Crowhurst News for this specifying that this would be a good CV enhancer.

Ros mentioned forming other task groups. It was agreed other task groups would be formed in due course and it hoped this would engage the whole village.

A couple of groups that were mentioned:-

•    Village Hall Task Group - It was felt that the village needed to be asked whether they wanted a new village hall, Where it should be, Who would use it, Should it include a village shop etc
•    Green Energy
•    Objectives (following on from Vision)
•    Village Survey

It was felt that we should think about people who may be interested in becoming involved
in these groups.

The proposals for the Agenda for the next Neighbourhood Plan Group meeting for the 16 April
1. Notes of the meeting
2. Task Group reports Sites  Survey Group ,Finance, Street Champions, Communications
3. New Task Groups. Visions and Objectives
4. Milestones – chart.
5. Co-ordinator for visit to other NP Groups (Maybe Dave Howley/Alan Collins as have shown interest in this in the past)
6. Ashby Stables – to question whether NPG should be able to object to any planning applications and whether this should be in the TOR – also to discuss with Parish Council.

6)    Information Flyer
The initial leaflet drawn up in Sept 2015 had most of the information needed. This to be used as basis and summarised to fit on 1 side of A4 with a map of the Parish Boundary on the other.

7)    Dates of next meetings
Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting – Saturday 16th April, 3pm in Crowhurst Village Hall
Ann to check Village Hall availability for Wed 18th May (and 11th)  for Neighbourhood Plan Group Mtg. Decided to look again at whether Group meetings should rotate between Saturday and mid-week or just between Saturdays and Sundays

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Mtg – Was scheduled for Wed 4th May but several apologies were given so new dates to be checked.

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