Crowhurst Neighbourhood Planning

1.  Introduction
Crowhurst Parish Council took the decision to produce a Neighbourhood Plan at its meeting 12 October 2015 following the Government’s publication of the Localism Bill 2011.

 The Crowhurst Neighbour Planning Group, a Steering group and the Parish Council will all be involved in the process.  The Crowhurst Neighbourhood Planning Group and Steering Group will be formed from residents and landowners with in the parish of Crowhurst (and the local business community.)  The diagram below illustrates the way in which these groups will work and report to each other.
Neighbourhood Plan Structure and Process Diagram.
2. The Aims of the Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan will seek to:
a)    Identify all the important aspects of life in the parish which are to be considered in planning for the future
b)    Bring forward proposals which will enhance the quality of life in the Parish in the years to come.
c)    Provide a framework for future land usage within the parish.

The success of the development Plan will be reliant on community consultation and engagement, and the voluntary work of the members of the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Planning Group. The completed Plan will be subject to a public referendum and will not be adopted until this process has been completed.

Please see Annexe A for an initial list of proposed tasks for the Crowhurst Neighbour Planning Group.

3.    Roles and Responsibilities of the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Planning Group

The members of the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Planning Group will:
•    Promote the process of preparing the Neighbourhood Plan, encouraging interested parties to participate and provide their views and opinions on the specific topics which are covered during the preparation of the Plan.
•    Arrange meetings and events to gather views and consult on emerging policies for the draft Plan.
•    Appoint task groups to undertake identified tasks.
•    Assess evidence about the needs and aspirations of the Parish.
•    Liaise with relevant organisations and stakeholders.
•    Ensure required surveys, questionnaires, etc., are carried out satisfactorily.
•    Analyse the results and use them to prepare a robust draft Plan.

4.    Roles and Responsibilities of the Steering Group

The members of the Steering Group will:
•    Ensure relevant legislation and protocol is followed.
•     Inform the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Group of progress on a regular basis.
•    Work with the local planning authority and Crowhurst Parish Council throughout the process.
•    Receive feedback from task group representatives.
•    Liaise with all groups in accordance with the NP structure and process diagram (above).
•    The Steering Group, with the Finance task group, will regularly update the Clerk of the Parish Council to ensure that s/he is aware of the on-going budgetary implications associated with the project.

5.    Roles and responsibilities of the Parish Council

The Parish Council will:
•    Support the preparation of the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan providing sufficient assistance and financial resources, including relevant grants, to ensure the plan is prepared expeditiously providing that overall expenditure falls within the budget allocated by the Council.
•    Carry out all statutory duties contained with the Neighbourhood planning (General) regulation 2012 and engage with Rother District Council where necessary.

6.    Roles and Responsibilities of all

The Crowhurst Neighbourhood Planning Group, Steering Group and Parish Council will:
•    Facilitate, if required, contact with the relevant statutory bodies or parties who must be consulted during the plan making process
•    Following the preparation of the draft plan, and with the agreement of the Group, submit the plan to the Local Planning Authority for inspection and independent examination.
•    All Members of the Steering Group and any task groups formed will:
•    Declare any personal interest that may be perceived as being relevant to any decisions or recommendations made by the group.  This may include membership of an organisation, ownership of interest in land (directly or indirectly) or a business or any other matter likely to be relevant to the work of all groups.
•    Ensure that there is no discrimination in the plan making process and that it is a wholly inclusive, open and transparent process to all groups in the parish and to those wishing to undertake development or be involved in the plan making process.
•    Work together for the benefit of the Parish.  
•    Treat members of all the groups with respect and dignity, allowing members to express their views without prejudice and interruption.

7.  Membership of the Steering Group

Members of Crowhurst Parish Council will also be members of the Steering Group, however, where possible they will not be in the majority.
Members of the active task groups will have a representative on the Steering group.
The Steering group will aim to reflect the key aspects of the process at any given time.
The NP planning group will identify task groups and these will appoint representatives to the Steering Group.
The Steering Group will continue to operate until the Neighbourhood Plan has been approved.
There will be a maximum of 11 voting members.
The actions of the Steering Group will be valid when 5 members are present.

8.    Steering Group Chairperson
The Steering Group will have a Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson elected from their membership.
Any decisions taken by the Steering Group, will be carried if the majority (more than 50%)    is in favour at any given meeting.
The Chairman shall have the casting vote where the vote is equal.

9.     Frequency, Timing and Procedure of Meetings

The Steering Group will usually meet monthly although the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Planning Group and the task groups may meet more frequently as necessary.

•    All groups will keep minutes of meetings which will be open to public scrutiny.  These will be publicised through all means possible.
•    Notices, Agendas, Minutes and associated papers will be emailed and posted, as necessary. Minutes and agendas will also be available on the Parish website . Neighbourhood Plan and Steering group meetings are open to the public and agendas will be available 3 days in advance.

10.    Application of Terms of Reference

These Terms of Reference will be reviewed throughout the project and amended as required by the Steering Group.

 Dated: 15th March 2016

Annexe A
Tasks to consider
To achieve the aims of the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan project the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Planning Group will:
1) Develop a timetable and strategy for undertaking the development of the Plan.
 2) Promote the process of preparing the Plan to encourage participation and the submission of views and ideas.
3) Organise Steering Group meetings.
4) Establish, monitor and co-ordinate Task Groups to contribute to all aspects of the development of the Plan.
5) Ensure the furtherance of the Plan by working to make the fullest and widest consultation with the community and, in so doing, contribute to the transparency and openness of the process.
6) Analyse the views, ideas and proposals received during the process and use them to develop a community led Plan.
 7) Assess existing evidence about the needs and aspirations of the Parish of Crowhurst.
 8) Gather additional evidence to assess the needs and aspirations of the Parish of Crowhurst.
9) Use new and existing evidence to support the content of the Plan.
10) Produce a Plan consistent with the Rother Local Plan, National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and relevant planning law (i.e Town and Country Planning Act, 1990).
11) Draft and finalise the Plan.
12) Keep the Parish Council informed of progress.
13) Support the Parish Council during the referendum process.
14) Review and coordinate engagement with, or consultation of, the community of Crowhurst, developers, or other critical external parties.
15) Appoint a treasurer and maintain records of funds raised.

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The Final Crowhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan. ​The referendum on this important document will take place in the summer. 
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