Steering Group​​

The Minutes from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meetings are very important working documents. They  are a monthly record of the process and progress of our Neighbourhood Plan. They provide easily accessible updates on what each of the Task Groups have been doing and how the village surveys and public responses are all feeding back into the process.  If you need to know where we are with our Neighbourhood Plan then these minutes are essential reading .  
Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Next meeting to be held on Monday 5th February 2018
7.30pm in the Village Hall

Steering Group Minutes

Meeting 19
Held on December 4th 2017 Steering Group Meeting 19
Meeting 16
Held on September 4th 2017
Meeting 18
Held on November 5th 2017

Steering group Meeting 18  18 ​​
Meeting 17
Held on October 2nd 2017 
Steering group Meeting 17
Meeting 13
Held on Monday 3rd April 2017
Meeting 14
Held on Monday June 5th 2017
Meeting 15
Held on Monday July 10th 2017
Meeting 11
Held on Monday 6th February 2017
Steering Group Meeting 11
Meeting 10
Held on Monday 9th January 2017
Meeting 12
Held on Monday 6th March 2017
Steering Group Meeting 12
Meeting 8​​
Held on Monday November 7th 2016
Meeting 7
Held on Monday October 3rd  2016  
Meeting 9
Held on Monday 5th December 2016
Meeting 6
Held on Monday September 5th 2016 
Meeting 5
Held on Monday August 1st 2016 
Meeting 4
Held on Monday July 4th 2016
Meeting 1 
All Steering Group meetings are held on the first Monday of each month. 

Steering Group Members

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is made up of Task Group and Councillor representatives. This group moves the plan forward and is accountable to both the Resident Neighbourhood Plan Group and the Parish Council. At present the core members of the Steering Group are:
Ros Day (Chair)
Tracy Hoad
Sonia Plato
Martin White
Declaration/Register of Interest Forms 

Register of Interest Forms are a requirement for all councillors so they can also be accessed via the Crowhurst Parish Council website   
​Gareth Bright (Communications) 
Chris Davidson (Land Utilisation))
Diane Stainsby (Street Champions) 
Ann Wilson (Finance)
Pat Buckle (Steering Group Minutes and Land Utilisation)
Dave Howley (Research & Heritage)
Decalaration Ros Day
Declaration Tracy Hoad
At this stage of our application, each member of the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is required to complete a Declaration of Interest statement.

This means that all Group Members must declare any connections or interests they have in sites around the village that may emerge as potential development sites. In order to ensure complete transparency these completed forms are available for anyone to examine. Please click on links to download the (3 page) documents.
Declaration Sonia Plato
Declaration Martin White



There are several task groups in which Crowhurst resident volunteers work on issues like communications, land use, heritage and the environment  These groups will make a huge contribution to the final Neighbourhood Plan document. 


This page contains the legal stuff! Our policies, data protection information, terms of reference and frequently asked questions about the Neighbourhood Planning Process. 


Your pictures of our village.  Views, buildings, sheep, trees, dogs..... we want to see what makes you happy about Crowhurst. Please send you photos to :

Towards the end of 2016 we met with staff and pupils at Crowhurst Primary School and Claverham. Given that our consultation  with local schools will be ongoing we have created a new dedicated website page links, notes and information about our school visits. 

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