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According to Rother District Council’s development plans, Crowhurst MUST have at least 20 new housing units. Without a Neighbourhood Plan villagers will have no say on where this new housing goes or on what kind of housing is built. A Neighbourhood Plan gives the village power to influence the type and location of new housing. It also creates an organisation that can access funds for future village development that would otherwise not be available to us. This affects everybody living in the village so please get involved by coming to the next meeting or contacting us. You can contribute, raise concerns or just listen and learn more about what we all need to do.

The Neighbourhood Plan Vision is to maintain the village’s rural character by protecting the countryside and environment around its boundaries, promoting community spirit and enhancing infrastructure, facilities and services for residents of all ages. This vision was endorsed by 98% of respondents in our first consultative village survey held in July 2016. 

News and Important Dates
Thank you to everybody who came to the 'Sites Presentation'. 
A copy of the document is available to download from the Consultation Page of the website

Next Parish Council Meeting is on Monday 18 December 2017 at 7.30pm in Crowhurst Village Hall          


We are now pulling our draft Neighbourhood Development Plan together and we need your help with pictures. 
We would really like to put in some good photos (or even paintings!) of the Parish and the Village. 
So if you have any you would like to share please send them to us with info about where it is (if not very obvious) and with a name credit/source for the photo.
We are also compiling a list of interesting buildings around the Parish - old or new. If there are any buildings that you think fit this, please let us know. A photo would be great if possible, along with where the building is and why you think it is interesting.

Please send your images to:

Thank you!  



There are several task groups in which Crowhurst resident volunteers work on issues like communications, land use, heritage and the environment  These groups will make a huge contribution to the final Neighbourhood Plan document. 


This page contains the legal stuff! Our policies, data protection information, terms of reference and frequently asked questions about the Neighbourhood Planning Process. 


Your pictures of our village.  Views, buildings, sheep, trees, dogs..... we want to see what makes you happy about Crowhurst. Please send you photos to :

Towards the end of 2016 we met with staff and pupils at Crowhurst Primary School and Claverham. Given that our consultation  with local schools will be ongoing we have created a new dedicated website page links, notes and information about our school visits. 

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For more information on the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan application please see: 

For more information on our Neighbourhood Plan process and to access minutes of all previous meetings please see either of the links below: